Featured Story// The pretty girl in the room…

A great article from elle.com about the girls who are charming and intriguing because they’re raw, real and full of sex appeal; Cinderella before the glass slipper so to speak.  Click here for the whole read, it’s lovely knowing that there are men out there who appreciate a girl who enjoys life and doesn’t feel the need to conform to ideals of ‘pretty’.

They tend to go out on the town in pairs, I’ve noticed: the conventionally pretty one, all dolled up and shining, and her average-looking friend, who’s barely had time to do her hair. The pretty one, I have a hunch, is generally the instigator. With the plainer one by her side, she thinks she’ll look even more dazzling than usual. And the plainer one goes along with the idea because she wants to bask in her friend’s glow—or maybe because she just doesn’t get out much. I don’t know. I do know, however, that when I spot them and manage to push in beside them at the bar, I often feel sorry for the pretty one.

Because she’s about to learn she’s not the pretty one.