Relax the mind, Ease the body


Exercise is very valuable.  It’s important to keep an active lifestyle to ensure quality of living and to maintain a healthy body void of disease and injury.  This doesn’t have to mean 10k runs every morning.

A short Yoga routine, particularly before bed can be a really nice way of relaxing the mind and settling ones body after the stresses of a long day at work.  Yoga is great for breathing, posture and flexibility – which comes in hand completing everyday physical tasks.  If you’re not very active at the moment, than yoga is a perfect to start moving, as it’s low impact and you can take it at your own pace.  To the right is a chart with some simple yoga poses to get you started.  I found these were easy enough to do in the comfort of my home.  If you enjoy it, moving on to Bikram (hot) yoga might be way to go!  Make sure you keep the stretching going, you’d be surprised how quickly your flexibility improves with persistence.

Enjoy the calming ladies.

Video: Yoga for Beginners